Benefits to Website Owner

If you are planning to launch your website, you will soon learn that merely having website hosting is not enough. To successfully run it, you will need a host of other tools. They are:

  • A Content Management System (CMS) to add and modify the website content easily.
  • A Web form builder, to create contact forms and other kinds of forms that you may require to collect data from your visitors and store it.
  • An Email Marketing tool to regularly send out newsletters and other promotional to existing and potential customers.
  • A website analytics tool to measure the traffic to your website

And there are third-party tools available for each of the above, but they are not integrated. That means CMS will not talk with the Web form builder, web form builder will not provide its gathered data to the email marketing tool and all of the above will not provide relevant information to the website analytics tool. Plus, you will have to keep track of five or more logins for hosting, CMS, email marketing, website analytics tool used to manage your website.

You wont have those issues with LaibaWeb. Because, LaibaWeb comes integrated with all the tools that you require to run a successful online business, like:

  • Website and Email Hosting with control panel for managing files, email accounts and DNS settings.
  • Content Management (CMS) to easily manage the content on your website.
  • eCommerce Store to manage products that you sell online, along with order management, shipping management and option to collect payments online.
  • Webform builder to create any kind of webforms, from simple newsletter sign-up form to complex contact or survey form.
  • Customer Database where all the info about your customers can be stored, either automatically after a visitor contacts you using the contact form or by manually entering the existing list of customers.
  • Email Marketing tool to send newsletters or other mass email to your current or potential customers.
  • Website Analytics to analyze the traffic of your website
  • and much more!