Benefits to Website Designers

At Laiba, we understand that your core expertise lies in designing and developing good websites. Tweaking and configuring webservers is not your cup of tea. But, don’t let that stop you from earning revenue from the lucrative business of website hosting.

When you host your website on laibaweb, you don’t have to deal with configuring and tweaking webservers. We do that for you. Hosting website is as simple as FTPing the files to the server and pointing the domain to the homepage. And the website is live.

Content Management System

If you want to get the full benefits of LaibaWeb, you would want to include the cms features into your design. Again this is not so hard. All you have to do is just add the cms tags in the pages.

To make the work even more easier, you can maintain the uniform look and feel throughout the website by putting the common elements of page in “Template Page”. Unlike other CMS which force you follow strictly a prescribed format, creating template pages in LaibaWeb involves copying the html of the common portions of a page and pasting it into the template page. Then include the required LaibaWeb CMS tags between the HTML code, and assign this “Template” to the required pages. Later, whenever you create a new page just assign the template to it, it is displayed with the exact look and feel as the rest of the website.

You can also secure a page or a folder, and allow only those visitors who have username and password to access these pages. There is also a built in blogging system, photo gallery and other useful tools to make your life easier when developing websites.

Web Form Builder and Customer Database

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to create a fully-functional contact form using just HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and without using any PHP or ASP code? With LaibaWeb, you can. LaibaWeb comes with a Dynamic webform builder, where you can create anytype of form by just dragging and dropping fields. That’s not all! It goes one step further and stores information gathered using these form in a customer Database as well (selected plans only). That way your clients will never lose any lead.

eCommerce Store

Have a client who wants to sell online? No problem! We have got your back covered. With LaibaWeb, you don’t have to pass-on these type of opportunities, because you lack server-side programming skills.

LaibaWeb comes with a built-in eCommerce store manager. Apart from the ability to add unlimited products, you can also maintain multiple pricing, multiple product images, discounts and coupons, etc . For listing the products in the webpages, just add the product related tags in the between the HTML tags in the relevant webpages. And you have fully-functional eCommerce site, supported by a powerful backend.

It comes integrated with various payment gateways and popular shipping providers too.