Content Management


Save time with templates, pages and modules

Save time, preserve consistency and avoid duplication with templates. Simply insert the page elements you want to reuse in the template, and wrap your pages in them. To add extra functionality, just layer on our built-in modules with a point and click approach.

Search Engine Friendly

Search Engine Optimization is essential for any online business, but good SEO starts with a system that supports good SEO practices. With LaibaWeb, you get the right features built-in like, SEO friendly URLs in our blogs, shopping cart, modules, customizable meta-tags, 301 redirects integration with Google's webmaster tools.

Secure Zones and Paid Memberships

Make any part of your site a Secure Zone, assigning customers unique usernames and passwords. Keep private information secure or sell access to a Secure Zone to customers, on a subscription basis.

Faster site updates

Lets face it! HTML is not normally your specialty. That's why LaibaWeb provides a simple and powerful in-context editing tool. View your website just like your customer would - and actively edit the content as you go. Just point, click and edit your pages, with full access to the HTML code.

Creative Freedom

You don't need to learn anything special to design websites on LaibaWeb. Instead you simply design your HTML, then layer our modules into your design. At its core, LaibaWeb works like web hosting - in fact if you wanted to design a whole website without using our modules and then FTP it up to our servers - it'd work just fine. And that just means you've got all the creative freedom you need.

Keep your clients informed

Don’t let your business be left behind. Create and control an unlimited number of blogs, forums, and RSS feeds. Keep your customers up to date with your business, and keep your business up to date with their ideas and comments.


Manage Your Website & Web Pages
  • Use a Microsoft Word like WYSIWYG editor to edit web pages
  • Use Module Manager to add business functionality without any programming
  • Make web pages secure
  • Archiving & Rollback for every web page and template
  • Automatically creates a working copy of web page until you publish
  • Apply content approval rules to any web page or template
  • Use templates to create a consistent look and feel
  • Use FTP to upload and download web pages
Secure Password Protected "Member Only" Areas
  • Make any type of content secure (web pages, announcements, Blogs, FAQs, Forums etc)
  • UManage your customers' access to any secure area
  • Set expiry date for customer access to any secure area
  • Easily email login details to every customer in a secure area
  • Report on customer logins to each secure area
Integrated SEO
  • Integrates with Google/Yahoo/Live sitemap. A daily feed of all content within website is produced for maximum exposure in the search engines
  • Search engine feed also includes every catalogues and products (eCommerce only)
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs. Catalogue and product names used in URLs to maximize search engine friendliness (eCommerce only)
Manage Meta Data
  • Built-in meta data framework
  • Create your own meta data tags and easily add them to any web page
InContext Editor - fool proof editing for you
  • Edit pages the way you see them
  • See your changes occur in real-time
  • Allows you to make edits on the fly, without touching your design
Easy navigation with Dynamic Menus
  • Lets you add/edit/delete menu items without touching the HTML or CSS code
  • Apply your own CSS/HTML styling to menus and insert them on any page
Business Workflow Engine
  • Create and Build Business Workflows to automate follow-up
  • Create single or multi-step workflows
  • Be notified via Email or SMS
  • Set SLA's (Service Level Agreements)
  • Set duration and reminders for every step of the workflow
  • Set escalation rules
  • Setup 3rd party notifications to notify customers as you internally progress through a workflow
  • Apply workflows to customer enquiries, orders, bookings as well as for content approval
Syndicate Content With RSS Feeds
  • Create an unlimited number of RSS channels
  • Syndicate and share any type of content e.g. blogs, web pages, news and announcements, FAQs etc
  • Set update frequency of your RSS channels
  • Reports on RSS usage and items selected from within a feed