Email Marketing


Send targeted email newsletters

With LaibaWeb’s CRM database building a customer database in the background, you can easily create targeted recipient lists and send personalized email marketing campaigns with just a few clicks.

Get 10,000 email newsletters a month at no extra cost

Create an unlimited number of campaigns and send as many newsletters as you like. Extra emails cost less than 1 cent per newsletter.

Automate sales responses with loyalty campaigns

You’re probably used to sending once-off campaigns, but with LaibaWeb you can do much more. Automate series of newsletters to send over a matter of days or months, based on the customers subscription date, or custom date such as their birthday.

Build highly targeted lists

Tap into LaibaWeb’s built-in CRM database to extract targeted marketing lists. Lists can be based on past orders, web form responses, forum membership and more. Create lists manually by individually adding customers, or importing lists from other applications via a simple spreadsheet format.

A range of newsletter templates

Choose from a range of professional email templates, and simply add content. Our simple wizard then takes you through the process of selecting a list and sending the campaign to your customer base.

More than just click-throughs

In addition to open rates and click-through rates, LaibaWeb tracks the actions your customers take after they click through to your site, so you can effectively measure the real effectiveness of your email campaigns.


Marketing Options
  • Send One-Off Emails
  • Setup Birthday Loyalty Campaigns, e.g. setup one campaign to automate saying happy birthday to your customers on their birthday
  • Setup Anniversary based campaigns, e.g. based on previous holiday purchase, automate reminder in 6-months or 12-months
  • Setup Multi-Part email newsletter series. E.g. Customer signs up and receives issue 1 on sign-up, issue 2 a few days later, issue 3 a few days after that and so forth
  • Personalize campaigns using data stored in your integrated CRM database in both the subject line and newsletter body
  • HTML or Text Emails (HTML emails contain text version also)
  • Full FTP access to campaign content - edit your newsletters in Dreamweaver or your favorite editor!
  • Send a campaign to any customer group or your entire customer database
  • Preview your campaigns by emailing it to yourself or any one else before finalizing
Build Targeted Recipient Lists
  • Create unlimited number of lists for better targeting and results
  • Use customer report generator to dice and slice your customer database
  • Easily add a subscription box to any web page hosted on your site or elsewhere to allow customers to subscribe to your newsletters
  • Customize the landing page customers see after subscribing to your list
  • Customize auto responder email sent to new subscribers after they subscribe
  • Double opt-in mechanism
  • Be notified via email every time a customer subscribes to a list
Email Deliverability & Spam Control
  • Double Opt-In mechanism
  • Unsubscribe link on all newsletters
  • From email address verification
Email Marketing Reporting
  • Track Open Rate of HTML emails
  • Track Links clicked and most popular links (available for both HTML and Text formatted emails)
  • For the first time track customer Actions e.g. customer made a purchase, customer made an enquiry and so forth (All-in-One solution only)
  • Track bounce rates
  • Track customer unsubscriptions from your campaigns
  • Live Feed
  • Sophisticated customer reporting framework
  • Filter on any system or custom field
  • Save any report and run later
  • Export any report to Microsoft Excel for further analysis
Integrated Customer Database
  • Grow your customer database every time your customers subscribe or interact with your website
  • Centrally manage your customer's campaign subscriptions
  • A full history of past campaigns sent to each customer including open rates, actions taken and links clicked
  • Increase your sales by utilizing up to 5 anniversary dates for each customer, e.g. date of last holiday booked, date of last car service. Use loyalty campaigns to automate communication around these key events on a one- on-one basis
  • Customize and extend the Customer Database to suit your business (All-in-One solution only)