CRM and Web Form Builder

LaibaWeb’s built-in customer database stores all information that you collect from your online visitors. Create any type of web forms using the built-in webform builder. The customer database (CRM) system integrates with all the web forms, online store orders, memberships and content management features of your site.


Effortlessly capture leads, with real-time data

Every customer action is automatically captured in your CRM database and linked to the customer's unique contact record – meaning you can filter, search, and manage leads with just a few clicks.

LaibaWeb records all data captured on online store orders, contact forms, email newsletter engagement, blog comments, forum posts, and more.

Centrally Manage Data

Manage customer contact details, past web form submissions, eCommerce orders, secure zone subscriptions, email subscriptions and more all from your centralized Admin Console – simplifying workflows and saving time.

Automate Everything

Automate business processes and get back to customers faster. Build multi-step workflows and get notified of new web form submissions or orders, then verify steps as they are completed, or remind and escalate to management if need be.

Generate and Export Reports

Use our flexible report generator to create detailed customer reports on defined criteria, such as case submitted or the amount they’ve spent in your online store. Easily export data in a variety of formats for analysis offline.

Drag and drop web form builder

From basic contact forms through to surveys, donations and newsletter signups – LaibaWeb’s powerful web form builder helps you deploy web forms faster, without the need for server-side coding (eg: PHP or ASP).

Simply select the fields you'd like to capture, then drag and drop to rearrange their order.


Drag & Drop Web Form Builder
  • Build customer enquiry web forms without any programming
  • Add any number of custom fields to your web form to suit your business
  • Automatically captures and populates every enquiry in your customer database
  • Use built-in business workflow framework to automate follow-up, set reminders and escalation rules. Choose to be notified via email and/or SMS.
  • Report on web form submissions including custom fields and easily export to Microsoft Excel
  • Allow customers to upload files within web forms
  • Allow real-time credit card processing within web forms, e.g. process donations (All-in-One solution only)
  • Allow refer-a-friend functionality within web forms
  • Add Image Verification to web forms to stop spam submissions by bots
  • Allow customers to subscribe to one or more campaign lists within web form (All-in-One solution only)
  • Automatically subscribe customer to a Secure Zone upon submission of a web form
  • Easily add web form to any web page hosted at GB or elsewhere
  • Customize the landing page customers see after submitting an enquiry
  • Customize auto responder email sent to customers after they make an enquiry
Integrated Customer Database
  • Grow your customer database every time your customers enquire or interact with your website
  • Keep a history of all past customer enquiries
  • Allow customers to view their past enquiries via secure password protected "member only" areas (All-in-One solution only)
  • Allow customers to keep their details updated via secure password protected "member only" areas (All-in-One solution only)
  • View on a per customer basis details on every action they've taken on your site
  • Customize and extend the Customer Database to suit your business (All-in-One solution only)
Lead Management Reporting
  • Sophisticated customer reporting framework.
  • Filter on any system or custom field
  • Save any report and run later
  • Export any report to Microsoft Excel for further analysis
Manage Customers & Cases
  • Easily manage customers and their individual cases
  • Manually add extra details such as secondary phone numbers or email addresses
  • Add notes and tasks to customers and companies
  • Create relationships between customers and companies
  • View a live feed of individual customer activity
  • Manage subscriptions to email newsletters and secure zonees