Website Hosting

LaibaWeb is a complete platform built for Online Businesses. Apart from content management, eCommerce, Email Marketing and all that advanced stuff, we haven't forgotten about the simple stuff like hosting, email accounts and domain names.


Managed Hosting

LaibaWeb provides secure hosting for your website and email accounts. Just upload your files and forget. No software patches! No server maintenance! Since all the tools that you require are pre-integrated, there are no messy installations or tweaking. As it is a 100% managed service all software updates and upgrades are applied automatically , without your intervention or downtime. Thus, your website is safe and secure at all times.

Use Your Own Domain Name

You can add any domain name you like to the website you create with LaibaWeb, and we include a simple DNS service that works beautifully for business owners like you.

Email Accounts & Web Mail

Every plan on LaibaWeb (except Start-up) comes with a number of email accounts, which you can set up and manage from within the admin area of LaibaWeb. LaibaWeb's email service supports both IMAP and POP3 protocols, and we have a sexy web mail interface so you can access mail on the go.

Hosting your e-mail with us will also benefit from up-to-date spam filtering and antivirus protection, insuring that your business is protected from spam and viruses.


Administrative Tools
  • Easily add and manage Users and Roles
  • Customize granular permission levels for a role
  • Create your corporate taxonomy and assign content to various categories for easier publishing
  • Customize and extend the Customer Database to suit your business (All-in-One solution only)
Multilingual Administration Interface

Available In:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Swedish
POP3 Email
  • POP3 email. Use with Outlook, Thunderbird or any other popular email program
  • Web mail interface
  • Unlimited Aliases for each mailbox
  • Catch-all address
  • Out of Office Auto Responder
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Web-based Admin
  • FTP
  • Import / Export options
  • Work directly inside Dreamweaver using our plugin Triangle
  • Extensive Web Services framework