Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines give priority to website based on various criterias like:

  • Does the website contain the term being searched
  • Does it have related information to term being searched
  • How popular is the website compared to similar websites
  • and many other criterias.

Search Engine Optimization is combination of techniques that targets specific criteria of the search algorithm. Some of the popular SEO methods are, keyword targeting, paid search, link building and Building Content. While keyword targeting and paid search get visitors to your website, link and content building help in increasing the weightage of your website with search engines to that of your competitor.


You have a website. But you are not getting enquiries from your website.


People are not visiting your website as it doesn't show up in search results or doesn’t show up in the first page of search results.


You are losing potential customers to your competitors whose website shows up on top of search results.


Search Engine Optimization.

Keyword Targeting

When you want to find out information about something, you tend to search it online. It's the same with your customers. If they want any product or service, they will first search about it online. This is called Generic Search.

But does your website show up in the top of the search results or at least in the first page or does it show up in search results at all? Our SEO service can help you with that. No matter what your goals or need are, our SEO services can be customized to the need of your business and budget. We will research your industry, your competition, and keywords that are best suited to be used with your kind of business. The result of all these effort will translate in your website being listed on top of search results whenever someone searches using keywords related to your business. To keep you in the loop, we will provide you with regular, detailed updates on your website's rankings and traffic.

Link Building

Keyword targeting and paid search help you only to get noticed by the search engines. But, your website has to compete against the other websites of similar nature to be shown on the top of the search results.

That’s where link building helps.

Link building is a process whereby another website refers (links) to your website. The more other websites link to your website, more is the weightage your website gains with search engines, which in turn makes your website receive a higher ranking in the search results.

Our link building service is part of the SEO campaigns. Our team helps you defining your link building objectives, identify key audiences and influencers in your industry and develop a strategy to attract them through content, PR and outreach. We focus only on developing a natural link profile, which will stand the test of time for long-term sustainable results.

Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search Marketing is Advertising plus keyword targeting. You create an Ad, set its target audience, duration etc. When the Ads are displayed or clicked, you will be charged for it. But, just paying for search Ads does not mean it will show up alongside search results. The Ad shows up only if the keywords match.

Our Online Marketing professionals can help you set up a search Ad and optimize it to appear alongside search results using keywords that are relevant to your business, thus helping you to get traffic to your website.

Building Content

Having many websites linking to your website doesn’t guarantee that your website will top the ranking always. What used to appear in top of search results yesterday, might not appear today. Reason being that it might have not gained new links over a period of time. And the reason for not gaining new links is that there has not been any new content generated on the website.

We can help you generate fresh content regularly that can be used in your website. We have in-house creative writers who help curate content that invokes emotion and gets people talking about your brand. We also have access to a number of freelancers with various expertise in numerous sectors.