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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is LaibaWeb?

LaibaWeb is a unified hosting platform that enables you to work in your preferred editing environment to create sites that meet your requirements, without any server-side coding. The LaibaWeb hosting solution provides website management tools, email marketing, e-commerce, and an integrated customer database that makes it easy to build and publish websites.

How is LaibaWeb like web hosting?

LaibaWeb is very similar to web hosting because of the dynamic, built-in modules and features. You'll have an FTP account to upload web pages, CSS, SWF files, JavaScript, and images. Most non-programming-related tasks you can do with a regular web hosting company you can do with LaibaWeb.

Why is LaibaWeb referred to as an all-in-one online business platform?

Once you log in, you will have immediate access to your contact database, orders, web form submissions, products, catalogs, web pages, and email marketing campaigns from one central location — all built to work together.

How reliable is LaibaWeb?

The data centers that host LaibaWeb are located in Tier 4 data center facilities, and the servers have:

  • Multiple cooling and power distribution paths for stability
  • Multiple active power distribution paths to help prevent down time from blackouts
  • Redundant components for fault tolerance
  • High connectivity and power into the machines

All of the data center facilities are connected to the Internet via Tier 1 networks, or have peering arrangements with Tier 1 networks. This means that the servers are essentially hooked in to the "backbone" of the Internet, which generally results in higher network speeds and lower latency from your customer's browser to the servers. Laiba uses reasonable efforts to make the services available 24x7.

Where are your data centers located?

The LaibaWeb data centers are located on three continents to help customers receive optimum response times from their websites:

  • North America (Virginia, USA)
  • Europe (Dublin, Ireland)
  • Asia Pacific (Sydney, Australia)
Do I need to know programming or HTML to add content to my web pages?

LaibaWeb enables you to build powerful online businesses for your clients. Editing options are intended for on-the-fly content editing (for example, editing a simple web page). In order to customize the overall design, layout, and look of sites, you should have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

Is my creative freedom limited when designing on LaibaWeb?

LaibaWeb does not limit your creative freedom whatsoever. You have complete control over the HTML and CSS that you put into the system.

Can I build multilingual web pages?

Yes. LaibaWeb has Unicode support. To create a multilingual site, simply create a collection of web pages for each language that you wish to support and link to them from a central location on your website.

Can I run JavaScript, CSS, and SWF content on LaibaWeb?

Yes. Anything you can run on another HTML page or on your blog should work just fine. At a base level, LaibaWeb is like any other web hosting platform.

Is LaibaWeb standards-compliant?

Because Laiba respects your HTML code and won't change it, your website's XHTML standards compliance will depend on the HTML code that you create. However, if you do insert any system modules onto your web pages, the code generated by the system will be compliant.

Can I use SFTP to manage my website?

Yes. You get access to SFTP to speed up managing your LaibaWeb website. You can even access system templates and layouts via SFTP.

Can I use my own web address? Or do I need to use

For paid sites you can use your own web address or domain name. You can either redelegate your domain and use the LaibaWeb DNS servers, or create an A record in your existing DNS service to point your domain to your new site at LaibaWeb — it's up to you. For instructions on this, see our Knowledgebase article.

Is LaibaWeb search engine friendly?

LaibaWeb automatically generates a sitemap that Google, Yahoo!, and Bing can use, helping to ensure that your website gets maximum visibility through these popular search engines.

Can I use Google Analytics on my LaibaWeb site?

Yes. You can easily add Google Analytics, which you can get directly from Google APIs, to any LaibaWeb site and get the rich reporting features that it provides. LaibaWeb also provides a built-in advanced reporting system with every site, which you can use without any extra configuration.

Is there a limit on the number of catalogs or products in my client's online shop?

No. You can have as many catalogs and products as you like.

Can I sell electronic or downloadable products?

Yes. With the LaibaWeb e-commerce functionality, you can sell both physical and electronic products. In the case of electronic products, the system will automatically provide your customers who have made a successful payment for their purchase with a link to download the products. You can limit how many times an electronic product is downloaded after purchase.

How can I collect payments on my online shop?

There are a number of ways you can collect payments. You can use any of the existing payment gateways already supported, such as EBS, Authorize.Net, Eway, PayPal and others. Or you can opt to use the "Process Offline" method in which you capture payment details from customers, and then process them manually using your existing point-of-sale (POS) system. You can also enable customers to choose to pay by check or COD.

Can I sell my products in more than one currency?

Yes. LaibaWeb has support for using multiple currencies in your online store. You can set up your store so that customers from different geographies automatically see the right price and currency, helping to maximize your conversions.

Does Laiba take a portion of my online sales?

No. Laiba does not take any portion of your client's online sales. However, the payment gateway or bank may charge a fee to process payments.

What payment gateways do you support?

LaibaWeb supports many payment gateways from around the world. If you don't see your payment gateway on the list, you can post it on the LaibaWeb wish list. However, Laiba cannot guarantee whether it will be added to the system.

Can I customize the look and feel of my inquiry forms?

Yes. When you paste the HTML code for any of your web forms into your web pages, you can completely change the layout and use your own CSS to customize it to look the way you like.

How do I enable SMS notifications for my inquiry forms?

You can use the built-in workflow framework to choose who you want notified each time a customer inquires and how you want them to be notified, for example, via email, SMS, or both. If you want SMS notifications, you can buy a suitable SMS pack.

How many email newsletter campaigns can I send out each month?

Refer to the Pricing page for more information.

Is there a limit on the size of my customer database?

No, there is no limit at this time.

Can I integrate an external system with my LaibaWeb site?

Yes. Laiba provides extensive APIs that allow you to connect most third-party systems to LaibaWeb. For example, you'll be able to synchronize your inventory, view recent orders, get a customer list, and more.

I've got some PHP code on my website that someone else programmed for me. Can I use that?

No. LaibaWeb is designed to fulfill most business needs without requiring you to hire programmers, and running server-side code such as PHP, ASP, and .NET is not supported.

What languages does the LaibaWeb Administration area come in?

The LaibaWeb Administration area is available in English, French, German, Spanish, and Swedish. Currently there are no plans to add other language support for the Administration area. However, this does not affect the languages in which you can make your actual website available.

What are the system requirements for LaibaWeb?

There are a number of ways you can use the LaibaWeb product:

  • Use virtually any popular web browser. On Mac OS, LaibaWeb supports Apple Safari 5 or later, Firefox 4 or later, and Chrome 18 or later. On Windows®, LaibaWeb supports Internet Explorer 8 or later, Firefox 4 or later, and Chrome 18 or later.
  • Use FTP.
  • Use Adobe Dreamweaver® or Adobe Muse™ software to manage your site.
What about data management? Does LaibaWeb provide backups?

LaibaWeb has a highly fault-tolerant server configuration in its data centers. All servers also have regular full and differential backups. However, it is important to note that recovery procedures cannot be initiated for individual file backups, as they are intended to perform "full recovery" of the servers in the event of a hardware or software failure only.

At an individual site level, we provide several backup options for customers. You can use FTP to copy your web pages, templates, and layouts as often as you see fit. A Customer Report Generator can be used to export all customer-related information at your convenience.